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Trivia: Sonic Zombie
  • Actor Allusion: As the SS Ikea sinks to the bottom of the sea in Doom Ship, Batman, Captain America, Chris Redfield and Sonic comment on how bad the situation is. All four of them are voiced by Roger Craig Smith, whom Steve based his Sonic voice off of.
    • Earlier in Origins, Sonic is briefly replaced by Batman who promptly reacts to a rampaging Monster Knuckles with "This is bad."
    • Shrek makes frequent cameos in scenes involving Knuckles. Said cameos make more sense when you remember that Knuckles here is basically Eddie Murphy (Hence Shrek calling Knuckles "DONKEY." That and Knuckles quickly shouting "Coming to America!" as he throws a zombie Cream off of him in Origins)
  • Hey, It's That Place!: Two of the maps used in Space we're also used in Supermarioglitchy4s Super Mario 64 Bloopers: the Star Destroyer (Though the outside is portrayed as the back end of the Death Egg) and the deserted island.
    • Shopping Mall shows the mall that Mario went to to purchase himself a new kart in "Mario for Hire", with Cream even spending some time in the store where Mario bought said kart.

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