Trivia: Sonic SatAM

The TV Show

  • Ascended Fanon: The SatAM nickname made it onto the cover of the DVD boxset.
  • Creator's Favorite: Writers of both Sonic Satam and the Sonic the Hedgehog comics have admitted that Princess Sally Acorn is their favorite character. Though she has more than a few detractors that could lean her into Creator's Pet territory, she has almost as devout a number of fans, making her a Base Breaker at worst.
  • Edited for Syndication: When the series reaired on the USA Network, many scenes were cut for commercial time.
  • Executive Meddling: The staff were pushed to create Dulcy so as the balance out the gender ratio of the Freedom Fighters. The four Antoine shorts were also a request of executives.
  • Fake Frenchman: Antoine, as voiced by Rob Paulsen. His character is a collection of insulting French stereotypes: mispronouncing so many words of English, misspeaking famous quotes, always scared, especially clumsy, constantly getting captured, obsessing with fine cooking and cleanliness, enving the hero and quick to surrender.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Jaleel White, a.k.a. Steve Urkel, voices Sonic.
  • I Am Not Shazam: Some of the fans call the sorcerer "Ixis Naugus" (his name from the comics) when, technically, in the show he is simply "Naugus".
    • Antoine is often referred to by his comic surname (D'Coolette), while his actual name in the show (mentioned only once) is Depardieu. A bit of an odd example as the comic got "D'Coolette" from the show's bible, but the show opted to change the name after the comic had already started using it.
    • Another strange example is Sally. Her last name (Acorn) is never mentioned in the show proper, although most fans have adopted it from other works (her last name is provided in the show's Bible, as well as featured in the comics and as part of the video game supporting lore).
  • Name's the Same: Sonic is really bad for this. The show shares its official name with no fewer than five other products: the original video game, the Archie comics, the 2006 video game, a children's novella loosely based on the SatAM universe, and the franchise as a whole. Oh, and the main character of course. Most fans use the monicker "SatAM" to distinguish it as a result.
  • The Other Darrin: Cam Brainard replaced Mark Ballou as Rotor in Season 2.
    • An unusual example is Sally in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog special Sonic Christmas Blast. Sally has no lines except for gasps and moans, and the vocal effects are provided by Tabitha St. Germain. This is because Kath Soucie could not reprise her role due to conflicts with her work on Space Jam.
  • Playing Against Type:
    • Tim Curry an actor who made his name playing villains here plays the kindly and just King Acorn.
    • Even when voicing villains Jim Cummings tends to be known for his comedic roles. Robotnik is... decidedly not comedic. His whimsical acting can't help seep through odd times however (especially in Season Two).
  • Talking to Herself: Kath Soucie as Sally and NICOLE.
  • What Could Have Been: The show's third season was completely laid out and prepared, and then ABC cancelled it.
    • Knuckles would have appeared in the third season.
    • Had SatAM not been cancelled, Naugus would have taken over as Big Bad of the series.
    • According to the series bible, Nate Morgan from the Archie comics was originally supposed to appear in the show. Also, Snivley's original name was Quizley, and he was Robotnik's second cousin twice removed on his mother's side rather than his nephew. The bible also mentions more sinister renditions of badniks from the games such as Crabmeat and Caterkiller. While a redesigned Buzz Bomber appeared in the pilot, the others made no appearance, though like Nate Morgan made appearances in the early comics.
    • The bible also refers to several unused episode ideas, an early script for "Heads Or Tails" would have revolved around Princess Sally's birthday for example.
    • Some very early prototype designs were recently uncovered. Sally was a human at one stage (and a proto-Seedrian at another), Bunnie had some Disney-esque stylization and was organic from the waist up (or mechanical from the head down, in another sketch), and Robotnik, as a likely result of having no visual references, was drawn as both a cyborg-pirate thing, and then a green demon overlord that looked kind of like Ganondorf if he were drawn by Don Bluth.
    • The show apparently would have eventually confirmed, as some fans had already speculated, that Mobius was Earth All Along, with the story set millenia after a world-purging nuclear war that wiped out humans and caused animals to become sentient. Robotnik and Snively were to be the last humans alive and had been off-planet on a space colonization mission when the war struck. After betraying and killing the rest of their crew, they returned to Earth and, due to relativity, landed after the animals had already assumed control of the planet.
  • Word of God: The pair of sinister red eyes glaring at the viewer when the show ended belong to Naugus.
  • Writing by the Seat of Your Pants: Very much averted. Ben Hurst had already had the third and fourth season (and possibly more) planned out and ready to go by the time the show was Cut Short.

The Cancelled Game

  • What Could Have Been: This was one of many attempts at making a SatAM game revolving around stealth rather than speed. The closest these elements ever got to being included in a finished Sonic game was Sonic 3D Blast, which excised all of the SATAM elements and ended up being a Flicky revival, and Sonic Spinball, which relegates the SATAM cast to cameos in a mini game.