* ActorAllusion:
** Creator/TommyLeeJones voices Major Chip Hazard, who at the end of the second act [[Film/BatmanForever gets horrific burns down one side of his face]]. The Commandos all bear some resemblance to their voice actors.
** A scientist played by Robert Picardo who creates AI-based technology that succeeds beyond one's wildest dreams? Yeah, [[Series/StarTrekVoyager THAT'S]] [[SarcasmMode never happened before...]]
%%* AllStarCast
* BillingDisplacement: Kirsten Dunst is the first billed despite playing the love interest.
* InMemoriam: A dedication to Phil Hartman at the end of the movie.
* ViewerGenderConfusion: Scratch-It shows no visible signs of her sex.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: Joe Dante wanted another actual member of the Dirty Dozen to take part, but Charles Bronson refused ([[CreatorBacklash interestingly, he didn't care for]] ''The Dirty Dozen'').