!!!General Trivia
* Kerry King of Music/{{Slayer}} once said in a ''Guitar World'' interview that "Corey Taylor is the best singer on the planet. He believes every fuckin' breath."
* Ironically, while doing the song "Eyeless", [[EyeScream Clown slammed his eye into the microphone stand]].

!!!Trivia Tropes
* AscendedFanboy: Prior to joining in 1999, vocalist Corey Taylor attended the very first Slipknot performance, and recalls being "mesmerized" by their music.
* CreatorBacklash: In the band's Google Autobiography, most of the members admit that they consider ''All Hope Is Gone'' to be their worst album, citing issues with their producer at the time, feeling that that were "playing it safe" with the sound, problems with getting all nine members together to record, and even Crahan saying he felt the [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking name of the album was pretty bad]].
* CreativeDifferences: One of the reasons behind Jordisons departure.
* {{Fan Community Nickname|s}}: 'Maggots'.
* HeyItsThatGuy: Corey has appeared on several other metal bands' tracks. You can hear his distinct voice on {{Soulfly}}'s "Jumpdafuckup", Biohazard's "Domination", {{Apocalyptica}}'s "I'm Not Jesus", Damageplan's "Fuck You", and on SteelPanther's "Death to All but Metal", "Asian Hooker", and "Eyes of a Panther".
** Meanwhile, Thomson can be heard delivering a guest lead on Malevolent Creation's "Deliver My Enemy". This was primarily as a favor to [[Music/{{Suffocation}} Dave Culross]], who was in Malevolent Creation at the time and is known for being very good friends with Thomson.
* OldShame: ''Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.'' has pretty much been disowned. And apparently, their unreleased second demo album ''Crowz'' never existed.
* OneOfUs: ''TabletopGame/WerewolfTheApocalypse'' served as the basis for the lyrics of ''Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.''
** Taylor. Also, Thomson loves video games.
* ThePeteBest: Anders Coselfini, Donnie Steele, Josh Brainard and Greg "Cuddles" Welts.
* ThrowItIn:
** At the start of "Get This", the engineer says "Gimme a scream, Corey." Corey obliges. At the end of the song, someone yells "Yeah!"
** Someone says "Take that, motherfucker!" at the end of "Eeyore", along with some unintelligible yelling.