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Trivia: Slip Knot
  • Kerry King of Slayer once said in a Guitar World interview that "Corey Taylor is the best singer on the planet. He believes every fuckin' breath."
  • Creative Differences: One of the reasons behind Jordisons departure.
  • Fan Community Nickname: 'Maggots'.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Corey has appeared on several other metal bands' tracks. You can hear his distinct voice on Soulfly's "Jumpdafuckup", Biohazard's "Domination", Apocalyptica's "I'm Not Jesus", Damageplan's "Fuck You", and on Steel Panther's "Death to All but Metal", "Asian Hooker", and "Eyes of a Panther".
  • Old Shame: Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. has pretty much been disowned. And apparently, their unreleased second demo album Crowz never existed.
  • One of Us: Werewolf: The Apocalypse served as the basis for the lyrics of Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.
    • Taylor. Also, Thomson loves video games.
  • The Pete Best: Anders Coselfini, Donnie Steele, Josh Brainard and Greg "Cuddles" Welts.
  • Throw It In:
    • At the start of "Get This", the engineer says "Gimme a scream, Corey." Corey obliges. At the end of the song, someone yells "Yeah!"
    • Someone says "Take that, motherfucker!" at the end of "Eeyore", along with some unintelligible yelling.

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