Trivia / Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor

  • Troubled Production: Very much so. Technically speaking, it doesn't even exist as an entire film. It's mostly made up of stock footage from the previous sequels.
  • What Could Have Been: Before the attempt to make The Survivor, there were two other proposed sequels:
    • One of them, Angel of Death, would've had Angela somehow acquire a job as a high school teacher. Carnage Ensues.
    • The other, Summer Stalk, would've had a dinner theater and a cult move into the remains of Camp Arawak. Angela auditions to portray herself in a play based off her life, while the cult, which has some kind of warped fixation with her, starts stirring up trouble, believing the play is "sacrilege". Anyway, it would've ended with a fight to the death between Felissa Rose's Angela and Pamela Springsteen's Angela, with the revelation that one of them is the real deal, and the other is a delusional copycat.