Trivia: Showgirls

  • Contractual Purity: Elizabeth Berkley was looking to avoid this by taking the role; instead, she fell headlong into it.
  • Creator Killer: Director Paul Verhoeven and screenwriter Joe Eszterhas:
    • Verhoeven's career recovered somewhat from this nadir, culminating in Starship Troopers (usually considered to be his return to form), before leaving America entirely to return to Europe. It does help that he proved he was a good sport by actually showing up at the Razzies, calling it more entertaining than reading the reviews.
    • Eszterhas, formerly the highest-paid screenwriter in Hollywood, took what little cachet he had left and made An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn, which finished off both his career and the tradition of using Alan Smithee as a stand-in name for disowned works.
  • Genre-Killer: There's a reason there are no wide-released, big-budgeted NC-17 filmnote  anymore.
  • Old Shame: For nearly everyone involved.
    • Kyle MacLachlan was said to have stormed out of the premiere, but he later refuted that, saying instead that he "suffered through the whole two hours" of it.
  • Playing Against Type: Elizabeth Berkley could not have found a role more diametrically opposed to Jessie Spano if she tried.
  • Star-Derailing Role: Poor Elizabeth Berkley. She did somewhat redeem herself when she appeared on the FOX sitcom Titus as Titus' sister, Shannon, but she wasn't in that many episodes and the show didn't stay on the air very long for her to make people forget that she was in this movie.
    • Elizabeth Berkley started to make a comeback in 2013, appearing on Dancing with the Stars and performing a dance inspired by her infamous scene from Saved by the Bell. She also seems to have embraced her Showgirls fame, by poking fun at herself and interacting with fans on Twitter.
    • We also started to see much less of Kyle MacDougal following this movie.