Trivia: Shortland Street

Hey, It's That Guy! and Retroactive Recognition:
  • Adam Rickett (Kieran Mitchell) was previously in Coronation Street as Nick Tilsley.
  • Lots of Power Rangers alumni have also been in Shortland Street over the years.
  • Life Imitates Art: There have been a lot of coincidences between Shortland Street storylines and real life, that it has become known as the "Shortland Street Curse".
    • In 2003, Shortland Street Hospital had its back-up generator fail during a power outage - less than two weeks later, the same thing happened at Auckland's Starship Children's Hospital.
  • The Other Darrin: Justine Jones was recast with Lucy Wigmore in the role, who replaced Laurie Foell who had played Justine for the character's first two years on the soap.
    • Chris Warner's son Harry Warner has been played by four different actors since his birth: Joshua Thompson (2002), Callum Campbell Ross (2002-2006), Henry Williams (2006-2009), and Reid Walker (2009 onwards)
      • Daniel Potts was played for his first 3 years by Jarred Blakiston. When the character returned as a full member of the cast in 2009, he was turned into a "heartthrob" and so was recast with Ido Drent in the role instead.