Trivia / Shinra High SOLDIER

  • The fanfiction has become so notorious partly because the author made waves on the internet between 2004-2013 by claiming that she could travel to the astral plane, where she met someone who looked like Sephiroth and shared his name. Although she originally claimed that it was the game character, she later changed her mind and said that although her astral husband Sephiroth is very likely to have inspired the creation of the game character by appearing to Nomura in a dream, the two are otherwise unrelated.
  • Author Appeal: Both Julia and Sephiroth like many things that Sephirothslave likes, including some books and manga from our world.
  • Author Phobia: Julia shares her author's fear of needles and doctors. On top of that, Sephirothslave seems to have been uncomfortable with the idea of sexuality and despised boys as a teenager, leading her to project these traits onto her character.
  • Caustic Critic: Although numerous people have left scathing reviews criticising her stories, a duo of sporkers called Iscariot and Lian Hua took this to a whole new level by sporking not only the entire trilogy, but also every other story Sephirothslave has ever written.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: In 2012, Sephirothslave erased her stories from her fanfiction accounts. Since most attempts made by readers to spork her works were left unfinished, this left the House Spork page as the only place online where one can still read her infamous stories.
  • Old Shame: Invoked. While Sephirothslave has half-heartedly tried to claim that she considers her stories to be this now, she has often been very defensive of them and of course, continues to call them novels. Whether she is being honest or just going along with what her critics say to silence them remains up to debate.
  • Spiritual Successor: One of the author's earliest published stories, ''The Tsukino Psychological Services Institute'', contains many elements which were later reused in Shinra High and its sequels. The main character is a psychotic blonde-haired, leather bodysuit-wearing young sorceress named Megami who spent three years in a mental asylum, just like Julia Nakahamou. Another character bears the name of Ketsuki, which ends up being the name of Julia's naginata.
  • Write Who You Know: Sephirothslave not only writes herself into the story, but her high school teacher Mr. Loft and her family and friends as well (Samantha, Ian, Bennett, Sam, Kristen are her high school friends and Laurel is her younger sister). She even keeps their family names intact, which is rather unfortunate, given the infamy of the story.
  • What Could Have Been: Sephirothslave wrote a lesser-known sequel to Shinra High and Shinra SOLDIER, which she named ''Silent Melody''. Although she implies in an author's note to have written numerous chapters, only four were ever released, after which the story was abandoned, possibly as a result of the harsh criticism she received on her entire trilogy. The story completely erased Geostigma, revived Sephiroth and gave the three Remnants free wills, and an author's note stated that Julia and Korokou would be reincarnated later in the narrative.