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Trivia: Shin-chan
  • Actor Existence Limbo: Which reduced Buriburizaemon to rare cameos after 2000.
  • Author Existence Failure: Yoshito Usui, the creator of the manga, died on September 11, 2009 after falling while hiking on Mt. Arafune. His comic had enough draft to last until 2010 which was then continued by the co-editors and producers who worked along with him for years, as well as his family's consent.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: The little boys are mostly played by adult women, lampshaded.
    • In the four-part story arc, The High School Years, Shin tells Georgie "Yeah, well you have the body of a first-grader. And the ass of a baby. And (in Laura Bailey's normal voice) the voice of a grown woman."
    • In the original, Shin-chan himself is voiced by Akiko Yajima.
    • In the Vitello dub, Shin was voiced by Kath Soucie. The 2004 continuation/redub by Phuuz cast Diane Michelle in the role.
  • Dueling Dubs: There are at least three English dubs in existence:
    • The first adaptation was by Vitello Productions in 1994, when TV Asahi and Lacey Entertainment decided to market the series worldwide. Although Vitello's version was slightly toned down, it was still unable to reach a TV deal in the US and wound up quietly shelved until the early '00s, when it found success overseas airing on Fox Kids UK (later Jetix). At least 67 episodes were dubbed. Various other dubs that aired overseas note  used Vitello's adaptation as the basis for their scripts.
    • Lacey Entertainment decided to give the series another chance in 2003, and contracted Phuuz Entertainment to continue where Vitello left off (with Vitello's existing episodes supposedly being redubbed). This dub also aired on Jetix until Lacey's license to Shin-chan expired in 2005.
    • FUNimation's version was sporadically produced through 2006 to 2011, covering 78 episodes for three "seasons" of material.
  • No Export for You: None of the movies have made it to the US. The first episodes of the series were only aired in the Vitello dub, which only aired in the UK and Ireland. See Parental Bonus in the main section.
  • Old Shame: Grey DeLisle is said to feel this over the Vitello dub, which provided her with her first voice acting roles. She particularly didn't care much for the "blue humor" present within the scripts, or the length of the recording sessions.
  • Outlived Its Creator: After Usui's death it didn't take long for the announcement that the manga would be continued by his assistants and editors; even so they paid respect to his original run by ending the series at the 50th Volume, the new run not made by Usui is named Crayon Shin-chan Memorial, starting from Volume 1.
  • Playing Against Type: For being mostly cast as innocent young girls and the occasional hot woman, Laura Bailey sure shocked us all with her dead-on portrayal of the 5 year old lead.
  • What Could Have Been: FUNimation originally intended to release their first Shin-chan DVD with an accompanying Japanese audio track and English subtitles, but wound up unable to clear the rights. Considering the dub consisted of cut and spliced skits from different episodes (some having aired many years apart), it may have also been difficult to have each original segment's audio cleared for usage.
    • The opening theme was originally going to be a straight-on dub of "Ora wa ninkimono" (opening 3), but only the first few seconds of the introduction part wound up used in the end.

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