Trivia / Settlers of Catan

  • Ascended Fanon: There was a Kickstarter project to create a "game board" that would keep all the tiles and small pieces in place, which would also allow for playing on uneven or unstable surfaces, or moving it to another locale when necessary. Both Mayfair and the Teubers liked the concept enough to endorse it themselves. The project got funded, but just barely, and only the basic board was produced, not any of the expansions (or any of the Kickstarter rewards). The company ran into financial and legal issues and wound up going out of business in March 2017. Even the Kickstarter page was replaced with a legal notice.
  • Fan Nickname: Players will often re-name resources and other items to their liking. Ore will be rocks, grain will be wheat, clay becomes bricks, and wool is usually sheep. The Barbarians are also commonly shortened to Barbs.
  • Follow the Leader: Settlers of Zarahemla is a Book of Mormon-themed clone of Settlers of Catan. Though being scripture-themed, it is not actually a Moral Substitute — it was instead tailored to a Mormon culture market, in the same vein as Mormon Cinema.