Trivia / Schlock Mercenary

  • In the Mallcop storyline, three QR codes are shown:
    • Here — which says:
    UID=ADMIN PASS=DEFAULT CMD=SLEEP[600sec noprompt fnord]
    • Here — which says:
    UID="ADMIN" PASS="DEFAULT" CMD="sleep, 600sec, noprompt, fnord"
    • and Here — which says:
    fnord UID=*** PASS=*** CMD="overwrite daylog, prev 28800 sec, sleep, 6000sec, noprompt" fnord
  • Contest Winner Cameo: Lieutenant Pibald and Corporal Pontucci are modeled after winners of a contest on the Schlock Mercenary forums.
  • Defictionalization:
    • The chupaqueso. Fried cheese filled with gooey cheese.
    • On the other, more horrible hand, Smutto. Corn smut + natto.
    • And now Puckerdoodles.
    • The often-quoted in-universe book "Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries" now has a real-world print version, thanks to the successful Planet Mercenary RPG kickstarter.
  • Schedule Slip: Completely and absolutely averted. The strip was a couple hours late—Twice. Once ecause the comic's server farm exploded, and the second when Howard had the abrupt realization his strip buffer (ie, the strips he'd had prepared in advance) hadn't been as large as he'd thought. Both times, it was up before midnight the same day.
  • Science Marches On: The Milky Way is consistently depicted as a regular spiral; fortunate, since a barred spiral would have made this strip a bit more blatant.
  • The Wiki Rule: Ovalkwiki.