Trivia / Sanctuary

  • Actor Allusion: While discussing Twilight, the Big Guy mentions he likes Marcus, who Christopher Heyerdahl played in New Moon.
  • Fake Brit: Averted by Amanda Tapping. She, Helena Magnus, was born in Britain but later moved to Canada. Although, in Amanda Tapping's case, she moved when she was a child.
  • Fan Nickname: Redjac, for the Energy Being Retconned into being the cause of Druitt's serial killer urges in "Haunted".
    • The show itself has been nicknamed "The Little Show That Could".
  • No Budget: A episode of Sancturary cost about half of an episode of Eureka, which is already on a shoe-string. The producers compensated by plowing almost the entire budget into special effects, to amazing results. Furthermore, Amanda Tapping never got paid for her executive producer role.
  • Talking to Himself: The Big Guy and John Druitt, both played by Christopher Heyerdahl. Somewhat subverted in that they almost never speak to each other, but they've had a few scenes together, including at least one where they're the only ones in the room and have a conversation.