Trivia / Samurai Pizza Cats

  • Blooper: In the second episode of the Japanese version, the professor who explains plot points to the audience refers to Koon-no-Kami as Inari-no-Kami. The latter was his name early in the show's development. This line was eventually redubbed with the proper name.
  • Missing Episode: Two, actually. Although the episodes in question are Clip Shows.
  • Name's the Same: In August of 2014 Pizza Hut launched a "Pizza Cat" ad campaign in Japan. Both character designer Noritaka Suzuki and Yattarou's voice actor Kappei Yamaguchi amusingly noted that Pizza Hut itself was making the same joke they had made over 20 years earlier.
  • Playing Against Type: Guido's Japanese voice actor Jurota Kosugi is usually known for his deep, masculine voice. Sukashii is a rare instance of him using a much higher, younger-sounding voice.
  • What Could Have Been: If it hadn't been for licensing issues, these cool cats would've been in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.
    • It was also recently revealed that there were tentative plans for a police-themed Sequel Series called "Kyattou Keisatsu Beranmee".
    • Various preliminary names and titles were printed in magazines prior to the show's debut. Early names for Yattarou included "Bugmaru", "Hypermaru" and "Kagetora", and one early show title was "Mecha Neko Ninpou Chou Bugmaru" (roughly "Mecha Cat Ninjutsu Book Bugmaru").
    • The show could have been translated faithfully note  if they had never lost the scripts.
    • "A Mission in Manhattan" would have featured additional characters, including First Daughter Rabby, who is Princess Vi's New York counterpart. Instead of banishing those who offended her to Prisoner Island, Rabby would banish them to Alaska.