Trivia / Sable

  • Actor-Inspired Element: The hand-pasties in the bikini contest at Fully Loaded were her idea.
  • Follow the Leader: Because of her popularity WWE brought in more women such as Debra, Miss Kitty, Tori and Ivory.
  • I Am Not Spock: You can blame the WWF for this one and most other wrestlers with this mentality. All the same
    "My name is Rena Mero, Sable was just a character".
  • Reality Subtext:
    • Sable would always flip out in matches if her opponents went after her face. She had strict regulations on how many bumps she could take (no front bumps at all, nothing that might damage her face) and for her match at WrestleMania 14 her opponents were warned not to disfigure her in any way (she had a Playboy shoot coming up).
    • Her Face–Heel Turn was - according to Vince Russo - a reflection of her real life behaviour after her Playboy cover. He noted that after she became more famous, when the office wanted to speak to her - they had to talk to Marc Mero first and then he would relay Sable's opinion to them. Terri Poch also confirmed that the storyline was constantly changing because of Sable not approving of the ideas.
  • Romance on the Set: Twice. First with real life husband Marc Mero which was onscreen as well. Secondly with Brock Lesnar of all people. Though, it does tell us something about her taste in men, since Mero was a boxer-turned-wrestler and Lesnar is a wrestler-turned-Mixed Martial Artist-turned-wrestler again. She is clearly drawn towards men who can fight.
  • Screwed by the Network: Invoked this when she left WWF, claiming sexual harassment among other things. Her claims were disputed in court by various WWF executives. She won the rights to money made from Sable merchandise, but she didn't get the rights to the Sable gimmick or get her no-compete contract clause revoked so she could work for WCW.
  • Trope Codifier: Certainly codified what it meant to be a WWE Diva: beautiful, glamorous, strong-willed and willing to get physical. As Sable was more of a Faux Action Girl, she was later succeeded in this archetype by Trish Stratus.
  • Troubled Production: Luna Vachon described Sable's mixed tag at WrestleMania 14 as the most choreographed match she'd ever had to be in. Sable reportedly refused to learn how to take bumps in preparation. As she had a Playboy shoot coming up, Luna was warned not to disfigure her in the ring in any way - and was threatened with a release if she hurt Sable in the ring at all. That being said, Luna still has fond memories of the match nonetheless.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The angle with Tori was originally going to have her turn out to be Sable's sister. They went with the obsessed fan story instead. Tori has said that the storyline was changing every week, due to Sable not approving of various ideas.
    • She was apparently meant to drop the title to Luna several times (if Luna is to be believed). But it never happened due to Sable protesting or claiming she'd forgotten to bring the belt with her.
    • WWF wanted to give Goldust's valet Marlena an ambiguously lesbian gimmick to match Goldust's Gorgeous George gimmick, and wanted Sable to be the other half of it, but Sable refused.
    • She was also asked if she would bare her breasts at the UK-exclusive Rebellion PPV shortly before she left, which she also refused.
    • After leaving WWF, Sable was supposed to head to WCW, where she was planned to be the driver of the white hummer that hit Kevin Nash's limo. But since she had a no-compete clause in her WWF contract, she wasn't allowed to work for WCW in any capacity.
  • Written-In Infirmity: Her involvement at WrestleMania XX had to be reduced because she had a boob malfunction going into the event. It was originally an evening gown match but was changed to a regular tag match in lingerie.