Trivia / SaGa Frontier

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  • There were originally going to be nine quests.
    • Fuse would have been the eighth playable character, but was removed due to time constraints. He would have been able to take part in the other characters' quests, with his ultimate goal being decided based on what the player did.
    • The ninth would have been the daughter of a family of channelers, engaged in a controversy of who would inherit the property of the former patriarch. It was removed for being too comedic.

  • Asellus' quest was also significantly changed. She was supposed to visit Dr. Nusakan's lab, the Bio Research lab, Lambda Basenote , and Furdo's Workshop to decide if she wanted to live as a human or mystic. These would have also affected her story's ending.note 
    • Asellus also had an alternate scenario on escaping Facinaturu. Rather than taking a ride with a pilot to Owmi, she would end up taking a jump to a river of flame similarly to Rei, along with White Rose. They survived the jump, but ended up butt-naked in Mosperiburg, forcing them to visit Virgil and get a new set of clothes.

  • Red was supposed to have a relationship system with his Cygnus co-worker Yuria, depending on how much Red paid attention to her, it may modify the ending. It was unfortunately scrapped, so Yuria ended up just being kind of there.

     Character Information 
  • T260G is female. Well, in the same way that a ship is female...

  • Canonically, Rouge wins the Wizard Duel, and goes into Hell alone. He is also the brother who gets Time magic, after being kicked out of Kylin's Paradise for being rude. He's also the good side. He doesn't kill any of the beings he takes magic from; and his friends pull him out of Hell.

  • Asellus's half-Mystic ending is the canon ending.

  • Emelia saves her boyfriend; but chooses not to marry him due to the aftershock of her quest hurting her psyche. She later re-confronts Fuse about her unfair jailing and whips the DSC on him for revenge.

  • PzkwV is short for Panzerkampfwagen Five.

  • Name's the Same: Cindy Campbell.

  • Annie is the big sister of the possessed girl at Yorkland in Riki's quest. As of her other troublemaking brother... a scrapped idea had it that said brother was part of BlackX, which may be why she has information about it, in particular Shuzer.

     Various Characters' Ages 
  • Various Characters' Ages:
    • Blue/Rogue: 22
    • Red: 19
    • Emelia: 24
    • Asellus: 17note 
    • Riki: Unknown
    • T260: Unknownnote 
    • Lute: 25
    • Fuse: 27
    • Ren: 25
    • Roufus: 40
    • Annie: 23
    • Liza: 27
    • Leonard: 28
    • Mondo: 52
    • Dr. Klein: 45
    • Gen: 35
    • Mei-Ling: 28
    • Fei-On: 29
    • Cpt. Hamilton: 48
    • Rose: 14
    • Thyme: 11
    • Hawk: 49
    • Rei: 12

     Misc. Information 
  • The statue of the Nameless Goddesses in the Magic Kingdom has an inscription on it which is normally difficult or impossible to read on a low-def TV. It actually says "Eaternalnote  Memories & Sweet Congratulations to Minaba and Masako."