Trivia: Rush

  • Creator Breakdown: Neil's late-90s Trauma Conga Line spurred one collectively. After the death of Neil's only child and wife, Alex hung up his guitars and didn't even listen to music for about a year, Geddy considered the band more or less dead and also broke away from music (returning in 2000 to record his first and only solo effort, My Favourite Headache), and Neil? Neil, of course, went off on an epic motorcycle journey that took him from Quebec to Alaska, down the Western side of the U.S., and into Belize before going back up and eventually stopping- for good this time- in Los Angeles. He was still hurting pretty badly as of 2001, when Vapor Trails was in production, if the angry, mournful tone of that album is anything to go by.
  • Enforced Method Acting: Enforced Method Drumming, anyway. Neil wanted his drumming on Clockwork Angels to sound more spontaneous, like "This guy never played that before, and he just barely made it. So instead of spending many hours (or even days, as he did earlier in his career) preparing composed parts before recording, he just listened to each song a few times before recording the drum tracks.
  • Old Shame: They'd love to forget their first live album, All the World's A Stage.
    • Same with Caress of Steel.
  • One of Us: Two of their concerts have opened their songs with Rush-themed skits of South Park and Family Guy. They've gone on record as being huge fans of the former, having issued a congratulatory video on their 200th episode.
    • They LOVE the fact that their work is featured prominently in Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and think they are one of the best ways to reach a new audience. All 7 segments of "2112" appear in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. Each segment has its own corresponding venue, and feature narrations by the band (though only Geddy and Alex are credited). Harmonix also released all of 2112 as DLC for Rock Band 3, split into three parts: "Overture" and "The Temples of Syrinx" as one (which is similar to the actual single released in 1976), "Discovery" and "Presentation" as the second, and "Oracle: The Dream", "Soliloquy" and "Grand Finale" as the third.
    • I Don't Know Mortal Kombat: As mentioned above, they failed "Tom Sawyer" on ''Rock Band''.
  • The Pete Best: John Rutsey, their first drummer, was fired from the band due to health concerns in 1974. Still, he narrowly averted this as he played on the debut album. He barely even toured with them before he had to leave due to his diabetes, and that's how he was replaced by Neil Peart, who's been behind the drums for the last four decades and counting.