Trivia / Ron Wasserman

  • Missing Episode: The original mixes of some of the music from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers' first season note  have never been released in full (only bits as heard in the music videos at the end of some VHS tapes, and obviously, the show itself), and save for "We Need a Hero" note , are currently considered lost.
  • One of Us: Is very close to the fanbase, often answering questions and sometimes releasing his music for free.
  • What Could Have Been: Ron made two separate demo themes for Power Rangers Mystic Force, but Disney rejected both of them; his above-mentioned closeness to the fanbase is believed to be the reason for the rejections.
    • Almost opened for Metallica at one point, but Saban shot down the idea before it went anywhere.
    • Was originally going to score the MMPR movie, but Haim Saban rejected the idea at the last minute, possibly over fears of Ron becoming massively popular and, therefore, expensive; Ron wrote "Cross My Line" in response.
    • He was the original (uncredited) composer for Funimation's English adaptation of Dragon Ball Z. In the middle of the Namek Saga, his soundtrack was replaced by Bruce Faulconer's due to budget cuts. Faulconer's soundtrack went on to become extremely popular among American DBZ fans, while Wasserman's has been largely forgotten by most people.