Trivia: Rogue Squadron

  • Creator Backlash: During production of Lair, workers at Factor 5 claimed they were sick of working on the series and were glad to move on to another franchise; and with a game like Rebel Strike, it showed.
  • Fan Nickname: Darth Bob, an affectionate name for the occasional TIE Fighter in Rogue Leader who decides to kamikaze into the player's ship, often costing a life in the process. Best invoked with a Skyward Scream, Khan-style.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
    • Kasan Moor is Olivia Hussey, better known as Juliet from the 1968 film.
    • Emperor Palpatine is Max.
  • Killer App: Rogue Leader was a Gamecube launch title with stunningly good graphics.
  • What Could Have Been: A compilation disc would've been released for the Wii, but Factor 5 went bankrupt before it could be finished.
    • There was also talk of a compilation game called Rebel X for the Xbox.