Trivia: Rogue Squadron

  • Creator Backlash: During production of Lair, workers at Factor 5 claimed they were sick of working on the Rogue Squadron series and were glad to move on to another franchise; and with a game like Rebel Strike, it showed.
  • Fan Nickname: Darth Bob, an affectionate name for the occasional TIE Fighter in Rogue Leader who decides to kamikaze into the player's ship, often costing a life in the process. Best invoked with a Skyward Scream, Khan-style.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
    • Kasan Moor is Olivia Hussey, better known as Juliet from the 1968 film.
    • Emperor Palpatine is Max.
  • Killer App: Rogue Leader was released at the launch of the Nintendo GameCube, and its amazing visuals and gameplay led it to outsell even Nintendo games in some markets.
  • Troubled Production: In the Making Of Documentary for Rebel Strike, they mentioned that in an attempt to improve the games performance over Rogue Leader, they made the brazen decision to scrap the entire game engine, and completely rebuild it from scratch. This decision chewed up a very large chunk of the games development time, and ultimately wound up having barely any improvement from the original engine in the end.
  • What Could Have Been: A compilation disc would've been released for the Wii, but Factor 5 went bankrupt before it could be finished.
    • There was also talk of a compilation game called Rebel X for the Xbox.