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Trivia: Rise of the Reds
  • Ascended Fanon / Official Fan-Submitted Content: With the recent surge in fan-fiction, MARS has stated that fics of sufficient quality and compatibility will be treated as canon as long as they don't detract from the main plot as a way of giving dedicated fans a chance to have an impact on the setting.
    • The mod's story has spawned a surprising amount of fan-fiction, some of which - such as stories about the setting's other non-aligned countries - was declared canon via Word Of MARS and may be added to the ROTR wiki at some point once the more important gameplay articles are finished.
  • Fake Nationality: Most of the team's original voice overs were recorded by people of a different nationality than the actual unit.
  • Line To MARS: Most of the tropes here actually were made in the forums, most of those being ideas from Storyboard/moderator MARS.
  • Saved from Development Hell: The mod fell into a rather painful hiatus that went on for almost two years until early 2012. Development kicked back into full swing with a spectacular series of frequent updates which led up to the release of the 1.7 version.
  • Throw It In: The word "gatling" was erroneously spelled with a double T since Generals. This will not be corrected because it works as a mild comical jab at China's reputation for plagiarism of foreign products.

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