Trivia: Rise of the Guardians

  • Acclaimed Flop: Critics did like the movie, but it's considered a box-office failure for Dreamworks.
  • Actor Allusion: When Sandy accidentally knocks them out, one of Bunnymund's floating carrots grabs one of North's floating candy canes and begins to dance. Now remember who voices Bunnymund.
  • All-Star Cast: Order of the day for a DreamWorks animated film.
  • Box Office Bomb: Lost the studio $87 million.
  • Creator Killer/Stillborn Franchise: Almost. This was the first movie since Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas that lost the company money. DreamWorks was forced to lay off over 300 employees just to compensate for it. Since then, DreamWorks has come out to the public revealing that they need Cash Cow Franchise to stay afloat, and given that this movie flopped, chances of a sequel are not likely.
  • Dawson Casting: Voice casting anyway, maybe. Jack Frost looks like a teenager and his voice is a lot more mature than you'd expect from a teenage boy, though not to the point of being unbelievable.
  • Doing It for the Art: The directors' commentary consists almost entirely of the directors geeking out over how beautiful the movie is and giving a Shout-Out to the designers and animators who made it so.
  • Fake Nationality: Alec Baldwin gives North a booming Russian accent, and the very American Tooth Fairy is voiced by the decidedly Australian Isla Fisher. Her compatriot Hugh Jackman (for once) gets to avert this trope in a non-Australian production as Bunnymund.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
  • What Could Have Been: Leonardo DiCaprio was originally going to voice Jack Frost, but he dropped out supposedly because of schedule conflicts. His voice is somewhat higher and would've fit Jack's apparent age more than Chris Pine's. (Leonardo had previously played a character named Jack as well.)note 
    • Early casting reports also reported Christopher Lee as a choice for the voice of North.
    • This is why Bunnymund is such a different character- he was going to be closer to the books until they brought Hugh Jackman in as his voice; which is where he then immediately became the warrior type he is in the movie.
    • Guillermo del Toro's suggestion for the story was to have Jamie be the Audience Surrogate. And at least one early version had the climax take a darker turn in which Pitch uses his Nightmare Galleon to harpoon the Moon to create an eclipse to gather his dark forces under for an assault against the Man in the Moon himself.
      • And as shown in the Art Book of Rise of the Guardians there are several illustrations of Sandy's Sandship, which flies around the world constantly remaining within the twilight time zone region to help Sandy spread dreams. The ship took many forms all revolving around an ocean theme with the ship even resembling a turtle and whale at one point. The ship was to be included in battle against Pitch, where the Nightmares overpowering the ship and eventually consuming it, with Jack reaching out for Sandy's hand before he fades as well.
    • Some more early concept art for the film reveals that initial designs for Pitch were much more demonic and nightmarish than the film's version of him, which isn't all that different from the books. The concept art also reveals a scene in which Pitch joins with his nightmare sand and becomes as tall as a skyscraper, raining nightmares down upon the world, with Jack clinging on for dear life and looking down at the nightmare sand entering peoples' homes.
    • There was almost a Jack Frost doll made by Mattel.
    • There were early storyboards depicting a very different plot of the story, in which Toothiana meets Jack first, she promises to get his teeth back, Bunnymund is still a professor-rabbit, etc. The storyboard had Toothiana being kidnapped numerous times and seemed to lead more to the Tooth x Jack Ship Tease.