Trivia / Rhoda

  • Descended Creator: Lorenzo Music, who developed and ran the show with his writing partner David Davis, found a new career as a voice actor after lending his voice to Carlton the Doorman.
  • Edited for Syndication: In the pilot a Cold Open that featured Mary seeing Rhoda off at the airport is missing in reruns.
  • The Merch: Lorenzo Music recorded a song named "Who Is It?" in character as Carlton.
  • Throw It In!: Co-Producer Lorenzo Music was reading Carlton's lines while actors were tested for other parts interacting with the doorman when it was decided he was the perfect Carlton.
  • What Could Have Been: There was almost another Spin-Off in the form of Carlton Your Doorman, which finally gave a face to Carlton... in animated form. MTM's only cartoon (The Duck Factory doesn't count), it never made it past the pilot, which aired as a one-off special in 1980.