Trivia / Revolution

  • Actor Allusion: Mark Pellegrino is killed by a third party being manipulated by a man who always wears black.
  • Fake American: David Lyons (Australian) plays Bass Monroe, Tracy Spiridakos (Charlie) is Greek-Canadian, and Colm Feore (Randall of the DoD) and Leslie Hope (Georgia Federation President Kelly Foster) are Canadian.
  • Fake Brit: Anna Lise Phillips (Australian) plays Maggie.
  • Fan Nickname: Aaron's name hasn't been stated much by episode 2, leading some to refer to him as "Google Guy". And there's "Bratniss" for Charlie.
  • Screwed by the Network: Many fans are crying foul, because NBC has decided to put the show on a four-month hiatus after episode 10 airs in late November 2012, and we all know how well this went for other sci-fi and/or serialized shows on network TV.
    • Averted. It was booked for a second season in April. The S2 premiere will be in September 2013, and this is apparently still happening despite the ratings slipping quite noticeably. One hopes that the syndication of this episode and its availablility on iTunes will mitigate some of that.
    • However, played straight again when the network changed the series' timeslot to Wednesday nights. Without The Voice as a lead in, the show's ratings have suffered heavily as a result.
    • And then they cancelled it too close to the end of Season 2 for the show's producers and writers to create a proper series finale.