Trivia: Retro Game Master

  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Certain, uh, non-official translations, were taken down from YouTube or otherwise removed when Kotaku announced another episode that had already been previously fan translated. But once Kotaku's license to show the series expired, they pretty much officially sanctioned people watching fansubbed versions instead. But in 2013, the broadcasting company Gascoin started taking down all the episodes in Youtube, subs and all, because they were looking to get GCCX on a streaming site like Netflix or Hulu. People like Gaming CX have since taken to re-uploading the episodes to places like Dailymotion. It's also pretty easy to find the episodes on torrent sites.
    • Also, circulating the tapes is the only way for anyone to watch the parts of the show that aren't the challenges; rights issues make it so that even in Japan, the official DVD releases cut down each episode to just the challenge segments, albeit with added footage to fill the gaps, making the DVDs a sort of Director's Cut.
  • No Export for You: Though the series is finally starting to be released outside Japan, its Kotaku run was only viewable in North America, as are the DVDs. A few television companies screened the show at anime and game conventions, but none of them would pick it up due to the sheer licensing hell involved in clearing the viewing rights of 30 year old Japanese games...and because the show is about a middle-aged Japanese man playing 30 year old Japanese games.