Trivia: Resident Evil Outbreak

  • The only three main characters with no scripted deaths in either game are Kevin, Mark, and Jim.
  • There are characters named Mark, David, and Jim Chapman. As in the person who killed John Lennon, Mark David Chapman.
  • Bad Export for You: You think the games are bad now there's no online? In Europe and Australia, File #1 was always that way. Those regions never got multiplayer until File #2.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Wendee Lee plays Alyssa in the second.
  • Vaporware: File #3 was cancelled due to poor sales of the second installment compared to the first.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Would the games have been better received with voice chat? Or released for the PC or at least a console with better online architecture than the PS2?
    • The game required a hard drive and a network adapter to reach its full potential, so naturally Capcom released it for a system which came with neither. If only there was a system on the market that had both as standard features.
      • What's funny about this is that Sony eventually corrected one of these flaws at the expense of the other - the later-model "Slimline" PS2 came built with an Ethernet port, but was completely incompatible with the PS2 hard drive.
    • The game, as originally presented by Capcom to the gaming press, was supposed to be comprised of twenty scenarios. It actually launched with five, with File #2 offering five more.
      • Data for File #3 is on the File #2 disc, and can be accessed with a Game Shark. This mostly consists of a number of additional playable NPCs, which includes HUNK, a couple of members of his strike team, and a plumber dressed like David.
    • A new game (possibly) known as Resident Evil Outbreak: Tall Oaks was leaked for the PS Vita with some cover artwork, but it seems to have been quietly cancelled.