Trivia / Resident Evil Outbreak


  • Bad Export for You: You think the games are bad now there's no online? In Europe and Australia, File #1 was always that way. Those regions never got multiplayer until File #2.
  • Vaporware: File #3 was cancelled due to poor sales of the second installment compared to the first.
  • What Could Have Been: Early previews of the first Outbreak mentioned that a full twenty scenarios were plotted (which is why some of the first screenshots used to promote the original Outbreak are clearly from the "Flashback" scenario in File #2), but only ten of them were ever published, with five appearing in each game. There were plans to release a File #3, and some of the bonus characters from that game exist on the File #2 disc, but word of mouth absolutely murdered File #2 and the game tanked hard. The remaining ten scenarios may never see the light of the day. Additionally, some modders have hacked into the game files and found out the game was supposed to be a single 3-disc game containing all of the scenarios, but ultimately ended up being split into File #1 and File #2.


  • The only three main characters with no scripted deaths in either game are Kevin, Mark, and Jim.
  • There are characters named Mark, David, and Jim Chapman. As in the person who killed John Lennon, Mark David Chapman.