Trivia / Red Faction

  • Franchise Killer: People generally really enjoyed Guerilla. The franchise seemed quite revived. Then came Armageddon which abandoned the "rebels fighting oppression" recurring storyline for a generic Bug War plot, threw out the Wide Open Sandbox of its predecessor for a linear third-person shooter game, and the ability to destroy terrain was often a detriment as you'd destroy critical paths and need to rebuild them constantly with the nanoforge. The game wasn't really bad but it was certainly not what anyone was hoping for and it sold so poorly that THQ said they no longer have plans for more Red Faction games for now. They said that about Red Faction 2, as well....
    • This likely contributed to Koch Media not buying the rights to Red Faction along with Volition.
  • The Other Darrin: Averted in Origins and Armageddon, where Big Bad Adam Hale (the only recurring character) is played by the same guy in both the movie and the game, and his in-game character even looks like an older version of the actor.