Trivia / Rayman (1995)

  • Executive Meddling: Rayman was originally designed exclusively for the Atari Jaguar, with a planned release date of 1994. As the game neared completion, however, Ubisoft decided to make the game multi-platform... and delayed the release of the Jaguar version until a year later, one week after the Playstation version was released.
  • What Could Have Been: There were ports of the game planned for the Sega 32X, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, macOS, Amiga and Gizmondo, but all of them were scrapped.
    • One proposed early backstory for Rayman was that he was a 10 year old boy named Jimmy who got sucked into the computer world of Hereitscool.
    • One picture of early concept art shows that Rayman was originally designed with limbs, but this was dropped for technical reasons. However, this became such a part of his character that later games didn't give him limbs.