Trivia / RAY Series

  • Bad Export for You: The North American PS1 port of RayStorm prohibits you from ever seeing easier versions of stages 5 through 8, due to those stages being cut out if any stage's difficulty is lower than the default. Just to rub salt in the wound, this version's default difficulty was also raised two levels above its Japanese counterpart, meaning you cannot play on Japanese defaults. You can blame Working Designs for this.
  • Cancellation: R-GEAR was scrapped for RayStorm's place.
  • Fan Nickname: While RayCrisis is the only game in the series that wasn't officially named "Layer Section" in Japan, fans sometimes refer it as Layer Section III.
    • R-GEAR has been dubbed by fans as "RayForce 1.5" as the only trailer for the game showcased some of the ideas that could have been implemented into this game was later used for RayStorm instead, while having the same 2D visuals of RayForce.
  • No Export for You: The PC ports of RayStorm and RayCrisis were released in Japan and Europe, but never to North America. Suffice to say they can run on Windows computers without having to change the regional Unicode settings of your PC, thus making them import-friendly... if you can find copies of these games in these times (especially RayCrisis).
    • The Simple 1500 Series Vol. 75: The Double Shooting: RayStorm RayCrisis compilation was only released in Japan. The PlayStation Network re-release of these games also stayed there.
    • The PlayStation 3 version of RayStorm HD was released only in Japan.
  • What Could Have Been: R-GEAR, a true sequel to RayForce was originally planned until the development of RayStorm took its place.