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Trivia: Ravenous
  • Screwed by the Network: Fox barely released the film (dumping it into 1,000 theatres during a crowded month) and mismarketed it with spoilerous trailer as a teen-aimed horror film rather than the historical thriller that it really is. Not surprisingly, the film did awful business at the box office (but rented decently at video stores).
  • Throw It In: Due to the film changing pretty radically during production a lot of dialogue is improvised including Ives and Boyd's death scene which they also choreographed and performed, Ives's line "Breakfast, lunch, reinforcements", Colonel Hart's explanation of what happened in the cave, and a scene where Reich explains why he got sent to Fort Spencer which wound up being deleted. Also everything Robert Carlyle is doing in front of the cave he just made up on the spot.
  • Troubled Production: They went through a few different key crew members, the weather didn't cooperate, and they didn't have the time/money to shoot a lot of what was in the script, and the screenwriter went back home early in the shooting schedule. Needless to say, the actors had to do a lot of improvising.
  • Word of God / Shrug of God: Pertaining to the identity of the villain. Did Reverend Colqhoun take Colonel Ives' identity after killing him? Or was he Ives all along? Director Antonia Bird says Ives is his real name, and the Reverend was a false identity. Conversely, screenwriter Ted Griffin has literally said he doesn't know one way or the other, and that the audience can make up their own minds.

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