Trivia: Queen of All Oni

  • Ascended Extra: Verde was originally only created for two scenes, but the author liked him enough to expand him to recurring villain.
  • Throw It In: The poker scene and Right comforting Jade in chapter 14 weren't part of the original outline of the chapter, but were added spur of the moment by the author.
    • Per Word of God, Tarakudo's brief cameo in the final scene of chapter 16 was a last minute addition.
  • What Could Have Been: Jade's father Shen wasn't originally going to show up in the story; rather than his appearance, the events of the Mexico City chapter were supposed to lead directly into Viper's abduction and transformation. Instead, the author decided to push that back a chapter in order to give Jade a chance to call the old man out.
    • Also, the author had originally planned the Shadowkhan as a race enslaved by the Oni, but in the end scrapped the idea.
  • Word of God:
    • The story takes place when the canon show aired.
    • Some of the Sages' Cryptic Conversations, Blankman's personal musings, and the glimpses we've gotten of the future are all setting up a planned sequel.
    • Operation "Painted Lemur", which Jade name drops during the fight in the Vault of Endless Night, is in reference to her plan to brainwash Viper into Hebi.