Trivia / Queen for a Day

  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: 17 episodes and a partial 18th are known to exist of the original run two Mutual, four NBC (plus the partial), and eleven ABC (mostly from 1964). In 2005, First Look Media released a three-disc DVD set containing seven full episodes and fragments of another five, all with their commercials intact.
    • Several episodes appear on various public-domain compilations, with the "Classic Game Shows & More" DVD set containing a 45-minute episode from March 1958 (taped at the Moulin Rouge) and a half-hour Circus Day show from 1963.
    • The Internet Archive has the aforementioned March 1958 and 1963 episodes, plus one from October 17, 1960.
  • The Pete Best: Ken Murray, the original host, although considering the subsequent infamy this is probably for the (ahem) best.