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Trivia: Quack Pack
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  • Troubled Production: Not as bad as some, but according to an ASIFA interview with Kurt Anderson (one of two directors on the series), it was a stressful show to work on. Part of the reason was they were too many cooks in the kitchen, so things took longer than they should have on a TV production schedule. As this was Kurt's first directorial job, it was definitely a learning experience.
  • What Could Have Been: One of the discarded concepts for the show was for it to be an actual sequel to DuckTales, with Donald taking the nephews back from Scrooge in the pilot episode. However it was decided that the show should follow the cartoons in spirit rather than the comic books, hence all the human characters, the emphasis on slapstick and the absence of characters that originated in the comics.
    • Originally, the title was going to be "Duck Daze." There are relics of this in the lyrics of the opening.

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