Trivia / Project X

  • The Danza: All of the characters share the same first names as their actor, although Costa only refers to his first name (Oliver) when telling the neighbours about the party.
  • Enforced Method Acting: The three lead actors were sent to Disneyland together and spent a weekend up at a cabin in Big Bear City so as to make a more believable friendship between them. Also, during filming of the party scenes, the music kept playing even when cameras weren't rolling so as to maintain the party atmosphere among the extras.
    • Filming was also done chronologically, which many of the cast members pointed out that the exhausted, "drugged up" look of the characters was also down to having to shoot more extreme and intense parts of the film one after another.
  • Life Imitates Art: Someone managed to top Costa! With manslaughter!
    • And while not exactly inspired in the movie and technically the whole events were purely accidental, a Mexican family managed to top both events while trying to do a birthday party to their daughter: They invited almost the whole country of Mexico!, albeit it wasn't neither as crazy like the movie.