Trivia / Primetime Glick

  • Actor Allusion: Played with in the Chevy Chase interview; Jiminy asked what Chase's favorite movie to make was, and he replied íThree Amigos!. When Jiminy asked why, Chase said it was because he was in it with one really funny actor. Jiminy asked: "Steve Martin?" And Chase quickly replied, "Yes." As if to insinuate that Martin Short wasn't very funny.
  • Talking to Himself: Jiminy Glick talking to David Lynch in The Movie. Both parts are played by Martin Short.
  • What Could Have Been: In his interview with Chevy Chase, Glick asks Chevy if he does any impressions other than Jiminy Cricket. Chevy replies, "I can do.... and a lot of people don't know this..." but hesitates for a second and refuses: "I can't do them. It wouldn't be fair to them." One wonders who Chevy was going to imitate.