Trivia: Pramface

  • Dawson Casting: The eighteen-year-old Laura is played by Scarlett Alice Johnson, an actress who was twenty-six at the time of the first season.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Beth used to run around with Sarah Jane Smith.
    • Laura and Danielle both went to Beaver Falls and also once resided in the East End.
    • Jamie's father, Keith, used to dabble with drugs and Jamie's mother, Sandra, was in Pulp Fiction.
    • Laura's father, Alan, used to present a little show about the news, and her mother, Janet, used to work for MI-5.
    • Carrie Ann used to live in Hollyoaks.
  • Trolling Creator: Of course we don't get to find out the gender of the baby come the end of series one. Even the extra online footage of Laura updating her social network profile doesn't tell us.
    Laura is mother to a beautiful baby! It's a *some text missing*