Trivia / Power Rangers Jungle Fury

  • Fan Nickname: Michelle Guin or Michelle Pengstone for the Michelle Langstone-voiced Master Guin (because her Gekiranger counterpart happened to have the same first name as her American VA).
    • Casey's trike from "Bad to the Bone" has been nicknamed the Trike Rider, after his motorcycle.
  • One of Us: Jason Smith became a fan of Super Sentai after playing Casey. He would eventually join the writing staff for Super Megaforce and reprise his role as Casey for an episode.
  • Troubled Production: Hit by the Writer's strike. Unlike other examples that were affected by the strike, several non-union writers (scabs) were hired by Disney to finish most of the show with the WGA writers returning with four episodes remaining to write. It actually worked out fairly well as Jungle Fury is (at least) seen as a step back in the right direction after years of declining quality.
  • What Could Have Been: As noted by Linkara, there were many opportunities for a "Jungle Fury vs Operation Overdrive" crossovernote , but due to budget cuts, no such crossover materialized, making Jungle Fury the only season without any form of crossover episode.