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Trivia: Power Rangers Jungle Fury
  • Fan Nickname: Michelle Guin or Michelle Pengstone for the Michelle Langstone-voiced Master Guin (because her Gekiranger counterpart happened to have the same first name as her American VA).
    • Casey's trike from "Bad to the Bone" has been nicknamed the Trike Rider, after his motorcycle.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Lily would later smuggle drugs for Terry Clark.
    • She was also Jules in The Cabin in the Woods, joining Maya and Summer in the "Rangers We've Seen Topless" club.
    • Master Guin is Kat from Power Rangers S.P.D.. Michelle Langstone has played both a Cat Girl and a furry, possibly winning her the Most Fetish Fuel Award for the franchise.
    • Dominic's actor is better known in Australia as Leo "2Dads" Kosov-Meyer from Sea Patrol.
      • Similarly, Casey's actor hosts a kid's program called Backyard Science.
    • And Master Mao (Nathaniel Lees) was a supporting character in the middle Matrix movie as Mifune. And apparently was in The Two Towers as Ugl˙k.
    • Before Camille, Holly Shanahan played Leelee in Power Rangers Mystic Force.
  • One of Us: Jason Smith became a fan of Super Sentai after playing Casey. And he's the only Disney Power Ranger confirmed to be returning for Super Megaforce, as well.

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