Trivia / Poseidon

  • Why did they have to go to the bow thrusters? Because modern ship's props are electrically driven - there wasn't any internal 'propeller shaft' to go to. The power is generated by a number of giant diesel engines called "prime movers," similar to how diesel locomotives do it - and one of them actually kills a character falling through the ship's flooring: Lucky Larry.
  • Actor Allusion: Kurt Russell tells the kid to jump into a curtain so they can catch him. He tells the mother not to worry that he used to be a fireman. Russell played a fireman in Backdraft (1991).
  • Creator Killer: For Wolfgang Petersen. He didn't direct anything for at least a decade after this despite his track record before it.
  • The Danza: Richard Dreyfuss as Richard Nelson
  • Old Shame: Perhaps an inversion, seeing as the director hasn't made any films since this one.
  • Money, Dear Boy: Richard Dreyfuss's major reason for doing the film:
    [T]hey offered like a lot of money and I love money and didn't have a lot and I thought this is a good way of doing this.
  • Star-Derailing Role: The film also helped ruined Josh Lucas's budding leading man career, where that and along with Stealth the previous year, pretty much dimmed his hopes at major stardom.
    • Sometimes assumed to have done the same for Dreyfuss too, but as the above-linked interview shows he had been planning to semi-retire anyway (and that wasn't permanent, either). Almost every cast member suffered injuries during filming too, with Lucas' thumb almost getting taken off at one point.
  • Troubled Production: Supposedly every day started with Josh Lucas, Kurt Russell, and Richard Dreyfuss pow-wowing over what the hell they were going to do that day, because the script sure didn't tell them.