Trivia / Portrait of Jennie

  • Dawson Casting: Jennie, who is about 13 when she first meets Eben, is played by Jennifer Jones who was 29 at the time.
  • Executive Meddling: Producer David O. Selznick's insistence on script changes and adding more spectacle to the film (e.g., the storm scene at the film's climax) caused production on what had been planned to be a modestly scaled romantic fantasy run way over-budget.
  • Troubled Production: Production on the 86-minute film lasted almost 18 months due to Selznick's perpetual dissatisfaction with how the movie was turning out. There were rewrites from five different screenwriters, scenes that had to be reshot over and over, and expensive production glitches (e.g., an entire sequence had to be scrapped after it was discovered Jennifer Jones' hair blended into a similarly-colored tree in the background).
  • What Could Have Been: Bernard Herrmann was hired to compose the score but left mid-production due to the many delays.