Trivia / Ponies One Half

  • Actor Allusion: As expected, chapter 66 has a gag about Inuyasha and Ranma having the same voice. The gag is also done involving Rainbow and Applejack, whom also share a VA.
    • There's also a gag in the second chapter where the ponies remark that Shampoo sounds similar to either Spike or the mayor, whose VA likewise voiced the three characters in their respective series.
    • Another gag is made involving when Ranma-chan puts on Lina Inverse's outfit. Both were voiced by the same seiyuu. The gag returns in chapter 80, and Asuza neds up as Sonoko from Detective Conan; again, this trope is in play.
    • And of course, the inveitable DisQord gag is made, with him taking on John De Lancie's apeparance, and getting mobbed by Star Trek fans.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Shou is a fan of The Nostalgia Critic... at first it was funny, then became funnier when NC appeared in an anime as a cameo.
  • Promoted Fanboy: nightelf37 became Emma Iveli's beta for the "director's cut" after leaving a number of reviews concerning her tendency on spelling and grammar errors in her FanFiction.Net version. Unfortunately, he left before the remade Chapter 17 due to growing tired of of the errors with no significant imrpovement.
  • What Could Have Been: The plots of chapters 58 and 63 were reversed, originally Discord creating opposite sex clones was meant to be chapter 58 and chapter 63 was supposed to be Discord messing with the anime club, but because she didn't want the Mane Cast to find out about Tsubasa working with Loofah so soon after it happened, she changed her plans. Had she gone with the original plan, then the humorous coincidence of Chapter 63 being basically about Rule 63 wouldn't have happened.
    • Originally, the B plot of Miki's introduction arc (Rainbow Dash getting kidnapped by Asuza mistaking her for a stuffed toy) was going to be its own chapter, but was forced to become a B plot of the arc when Emma Iveli couldn't find enough material for it to be a proper chapter.
      • Chapter 65 was going to be the Azusa chapter, however it became a chapter based on the episode "Back to the Happosai".