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Trivia: Police Squad!
  • Recycled Script: The pilot is a spoof remake of an episode of M Squad ("More Deadly"), with jokes and non sequiturs added to the original plot and dialogue.
  • Screwed by the Network: One way or the other. Either their stated reason for cancelling the show was true — in which case it was simply a dumb reason — or, as fans have theorised for years, they were afraid that the series would destroy the reputation of police shows in much the same way that Airplane! had rendered the disaster movie genre Deader Than Disco.
  • Short Runner: Lasted for just six episodes before the network cancelled it. As noted, in the DVD commentary, the producers and writers actually saw it as a relief because already with just half a dozen episodes, they felt they were stretching the jokes too thin (particularly the Once an Episode gags), and had no idea how or if they would be able to handle full seasons of twenty-plus episodes.
  • Too Soon: John Belushi filmed a scene as one of the Dead Star Walking, but he died before the show was aired. They quickly shot a replacement scene with Georg Stanford Brown, who they happened to have hired to direct one of the episodes.

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