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Trivia: Pokémon X and Y
  • Ascended Fanon / Throw It In: For a long time people have been asking Game Freak to change up the starter trio instead of always doing Grass<Fire<Water. The most common suggestion on how to do it? Fighting<Psychic<Dark. Gen 6's starters in their final stages are Grass/Fighting < Fire/Psychic < Water/Dark.
    • The fact you have to hold the 3DS upside down to evolve Inkay may be a reference to the old April Fools joke of evolving Lickitung into Luigi by holding your Game Boy upside down. Since the fine folks at Nintendo themselves started the rumor, it's most likely intentional.
  • Defictionalization: Honedge has been made into a real sword.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Fennekin is being nicknamed Mozilla. Or Fennekin Skywalker.
    • X-Deer is a common fan name for Xerneas. As is Shishigami.
    • Likewise, Y-Bird is a nickname for Yveltal, or Y-vern (from wyvern). In general though, sometimes they're just referred to as X and Y.
      • Now there's Xcalibur and Yvern.
      • Yveltal has also been called Sky Bacon due to the patterns and red colouring on its underbelly.
      • Yveltal has also been referred to as Red Lugia or Bacon Lugia, due to its resemblance to you know who.
    • Chespinrito.
    • Chespin's first evolution Quilladin is often nicknamed Chespińata, due to its round, bloated shape.
    • Froakie is being nicknamed Benjamin Froaklin for his resemblance to the Founding Father. Also, some who hope for a dark-psychic-fighting reverse circle call it Hypnotoad.
    • Kyubey is a popular nickname for the new eeveelution, Sylveon.
    • DRAGON SLAYER for the Fairy types.
    • Hexcalibur for Honedge.
    • "Mewthree" (harkening back to old Gen I rumors) for Mewtwo's Y Mega Evolution, before it was revealed as a forme rather than a new species. "Newtwo" is also common. Also, due to its similar appearance to Buu, it has been nicknamed Mewbuu and Mewjin Buu.
    • Ampharos' Mega Evolution has given it the names Amphabulous and Amphabio for its long, flowing hair.
    • "Princess Absol" in some circles for Mega Absol, as a few months earlier another popular quadrupedal character grew wings as a sign of maturity and was crowned a Princess for it.
    • Greninja is often nicknamed Jiraiya.
    • Klefki is often nicknamed Boo-Boo Keys.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Ikue Otani reprises her role as Pikachu, who now uses Pokémon Speak instead of a cry.
  • I Knew It:
    • New Eevee evolutions are always expected by the fans. Naturally, many expected a new one this generation, too.
    • Also expected was character customization (which is a common demand every generation), now X and Y will allow skin colour, hair colour, eye colour and outfit changes.
    • Fletchling knowing Flame Charge hinted many to the fact that it would become a Fire-type when it evolved. And its evolution, Talonflame, is indeed a Fire-type.
    • Fans have speculated about a Ghost/Steel Animated Armor Pokemon for quite some time. The newly-revealed Honedge is not quite Animated Armor, but it's pretty close. Aegislash, its final form, is a unique take on a ghost knight- the knight is his own sword.
    • Many also guessed Pancham would evolve into Fighting/Dark and lo-and-behold, they were right.
    • When Sylveon was revealed, some guessed that it would be a brand new type. They were right.
    • Many fans speculated that Mawile would gain Fairy-type, and they were right. Bonus points for being the first Fairy that can really be described as The Fair Folk (as in "A fairy that's evil and/or mischievous, not one that's bright, pretty, and kind-hearted"), which was a popular theory for the type.
    • The most commonly guessed weaknesses for Fairy were Poison and Steel, often going off a highly-accurate leak that claimed this. Both were revealed to be the Fairy-type's only weaknesses.
    • After the initial batch of Mega Evolutions was revealed, the Kanto starters were among the most common picks when guessing who would get one next. Sure enough, this was proven right.
    • Some believed Mewtwo would get another Mega Evolution or forme, while others suggested Garchomp would get one too. Both cases were right. Though the Mewtwo example was based on an image on an official site having the filename m2y.
    • People have been wondering and debating over why Charizard is not part Dragon-type, possibly since Generation II. Finally, their prayers have been answered with the reveal of Mega Charizard X, a Fire-Dragon type.
    • The same could be said about Ampharos, which was not a Dragon type despite its Japanese name being Denryuu ("thunder dragon") and knowing Outrage since Gen 4. Come Gen 6, we get Mega Ampharos, Electric/Dragon.
    • This deviantART user made a Fan Pokemon called "Noibat" which emphasized on its ears. Guess what Noivern's pre-evolution is?
    • The haunted tree Pokemon (Orotto in Japanese; Trevenant in English) first seen on Pokémon: Genesect and the Legend Awakened had fans claim that it would be a Ghost/Grass (or Grass/Ghost) type. They were right; it's Ghost/Grass.
    • When Diantha was first revealed, many fans speculated that she was actually the Kalos Region Champion. This video speaks for itself.
    • In the original reveal trailer people noticed a girl following Calem in the forest. There was debate whether it was an important NPC (probably a rival) or a character with a pre-made course, like a biker in previous titles, because they weren't exactly behind Calem and their design was deemed too generic. Come a few months later and that's one of your rivals, Shauna.
    • When promotional artwork of Sylveon was shown fighting Hydreigon, several estimated the possibility that Hydreigon would have a quadruple Fairy-type weakness. A few months later, the charts come out and confirm this due to Fairy being super-effective on both Dragon- and Dark-types.note 
    • Some fan prediction artworks of Mega Medicham featured four arms. The real one has manifested four additional ribbonlike arms with its psychic powers, in addition to the two it doesn't use.
    • The Fighting/Psychic/Dark starter trio that have been speculated since Gen II have finally come into fruition, though ironically as secondary types of the traditional Grass/Fire/Water typing.
    • Many fans speculated Diancie to be related to Carbink due to its Rock/Fairy typing and similar looks. When Diancie was officially revealed, it turned out to be a "sudden transformation" of Carbink.
  • Life Imitates Art: A user of deviantART drew alternate evolutions of Flaaffy and Mawile, Wattyion and Fhaneater, both of which bear a shocking resemblance to their Mega Evolutions years before Mega Ampharos and Mega Mawile were revealed officially.
  • Schedule Slip: Pokémon Bank had to have its international release postponed after its release in Japan coincided with the massive influx of new Christmas users for both the 3DS and Wii U and implementation of new user profiles for old accounts, causing Nintendo's online services to screech to a halt.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: X and Y was released early in Italy and Canada which resulted in leaks that caused Nintendo to crack down hard on the leakers and the stores that broke street date on the games.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: Given the fact that as of March 2014, the 3DS has yet to be cracked, it's no surprise that these games have produced rumors on a scale that rivals the original games themselves.
    • Tipping NPC's with the max value of 1,000 all the time increases the chance of Shiny Pokémon appearing. Allegedly.
    • Sundry rumoured moves on Pokémon, such as Froakie getting Rapid Spin by egg.note  Being unable to data-mine 3DS games doesn't help with this situation.
    • Given that new Eeveelution's have always released in pairs, and Nintendo has been known for not advertising Eeveelution's in the past (Glaceon and Leafeon weren't known until hackers saw their sprites in rips and thought they looked a lot like Eevee), there are rumors that there's a secret second Eeveelution in the title.
    • There were also rumours on how the latest Pokemon evolves. For example, it was thought Honedge needs to defeat another Honedge to evolve (probably to gain a new sword), and Clauncher and Skrelp evolve by levelling-up while knowing Crabhammer and Camouflage respectively.
    • Although the games can't be data-mined yet, people have found what appear to be three event legendaries: Volcanion, Hoopa, and Diancie. First their names showed up as GTS requests, then alleged pictures were posted by a hackernote , but only Diancie is confirmed to be real. The same hacker also posted what seems to be a Mega Evolution for Latios and Latias.
      • All new pokémon revealed by this, including Mega Latias and Latios, are confirmed and obtainable by a save file editing device such as Action Replay Power Saves.

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