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Trivia: Pokémon: Storm Clouds
  • Old Shame: deeman45 here. I usually leave this page to my wonderful viewers (love you all! ^_^) and keep my hands clear unless blatantly fake info is uploaded. But just know that I hate the early Storm Clouds chapters (up to about chapter 12 or so.) I don't dislike the story itself, or the characters—the writing style is too wooden, too fauxlosophical, the wording and dialogue too weird compared to my later efforts. I was still in early high school when the first chapters were written. As well, chapter 12 is roughly where I started to actually re-read chapters spotting for errors and the like before uploading. I know they're bad, but I'm not going to fall into that old fanfiction trap of massively re-writing my lackluster early chapters, because I'm afraid that it'll derail my current projects even further and will ruin my self-confidence as well.
  • Schedule Slip: Mostly the sequel, but the original took a while as well. The sequel's slip got so bad, the author posted an April Fools' joke related to it.
    • The sequel's slip was particularly awful because it took a six-month hiatus immediately after the first chapter was posted! The update schedule, even running consistently, is also much slower than most other fanfics—roughly a month to a month and a half pass between updates.
  • What Could Have Been: Word of God says that he originally planned on turning Armor into a human, but then decided the idea was stupid to begin with.

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