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Trivia: Pokémon Black and White
  • Fan Nickname: Lots and lots of them:
    • Snivy is known as Smugleaf/SmugSnake. It was called Snivy even then, but the name wasn't nearly as popular as Smugleaf.
    • Some also call Snivy "Excalibur".
    • Snively.
    • Oshawott was known as Wotter/Derpderp/Snowoobie/Vampijumaru
      • A long time ago, Oshawott's final evolution has been getting called Shellgun.
      • And with the reveal of its English name, we have Revolver Oshawott, which then inspired "Solid Snivy" and "Tepig Boss", as seen here.
    • Seed Bby, also known as Petilil/Churine, is gathering quite a following on the PokéCommmunity Forums.
    • Braviary is known as Colbeagle, Keith, Tomahawk, Dynablade, and AmeriCAW!
      • Its pre-evo, Rufflet, is referred to as Freeglet.
    • Alomomola is known as Sexdisc/Luvhands/Hatedisc
    • Sandile is known as Swagodile/Cool Croc/Crocostyle/Gaterrain
      • Sandile's final form, Krookodile, is commonly called Kaminacroc because of his sunglasses and overall badassery.
    • Excadrill is known as Big Daddy
      • Many of the people who refer to Krookodile as Kaminacroc call Excadrill Simole the Digger.
    • The Dragon-Type Haxorus, is known as Axeface.
    • Blue Eyes White Dragon & Red Eyes Black Dragon for Reshiram and Zekrom. Unfortunately, there is no third dragon nickname for Kyurem.
    • Reuniclus is known as Gummy Bear/Booger/Jelly Green Ghost/Flying Salad Monster.
    • Tepig had too many puns to have a generally agreed name, Popular ones include Pignite, Pignition, Boarbecue, Hamferno, Burncon, Piglit, Spork, Keroswine and Blazorback.
    • The female Player Character is known as White. It has also been used in screenshots of her as another player; Black visits her World.
    • Don George and Swanna have both been called "Carl" for their slight resemblance to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force character while the new early bug, Sewaddle, is going by Countapillar, Bugleaf, Smugbug, Fraterpie, Collarpillar and Vampillar.
    • Bouffalant already has too many nicknames to count, but all of them note a particular feature in its appearance. Its official English name even uses said feature as a name basis.
    • Sarcophaghost for Cofagrigus. However, that exceeds the games' character limit, so coming up with shorter names is a bit of a pastime.
      • Koffin. And it's one letter removed from "Koffing", too.
    • Genesect + 4chan + Mondegreens = DENNIS. It hasn't been stopped by the discovery that the song in question isn't Genesect's theme as far as we know.
    • "Pokémon Gray/Grey" for the inevitable third game.
      • Which is likely true, based on the fact that the most likely third member of Reshiram and Zekrom's trio is grey with pale blue accents, and the name was trademarked at the same time as the names of these games. It's either "Pokémon Gray," or "Pokémon Transparent."
      • And now it seems like the third game has been split into One Game for the Price of Two as Black and White 2, complete with two new forms of Kyurem resembling Reshiram and Zekrom.
    • "Plankster" "Jokirder" and "Clowncrete" for Timburr, Gurdurr, and Conkeldurr respectively.
    • The member of the Elite Four who uses Fighting types is Westley Snipes.
    • Swoobat is the Derp Bat.
    • Stunfisk is Derpfish.
    • Ghetsis/Geechisu/Geetis has been dubbed Gaycheese by 4chan
      • Another one of his nicknames is Wizard.
      • And upon the discovery that "DENNIS" is actually from his theme...
    • Ghetsis's Hydreigon, on the other hand, has been dubbed Haxdreigon and variations thereof.
    • Also from 4chan, Galvantula has been dubbed "Tarantesla".
    • The two new expys of Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan (Throh and Sawk) are starting to get called Bert and Ernie a lot.
      • Alternatively, Judo Jim and Karate Carl.
    • Machop's expy is also being called Jonny quite a bit for that plank it carries around all the time.
    • The orange Kami, Landorus, actually looks a bit like Garfield.
    • PONY for Keldeo and his resemblance to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic character design.
    • Elesa is often known as Lady Gaga.
  • I Knew It: Castelia City, at least, is officially based off New York, confirming the speculation of many fans.
    • For some, N being Team Plasma's king was this as well.
  • Let's Play: There's a purely text-based one that begins here.
  • Name's the Same: Bianca (the rival) has the same name as Bianca (a character from the fifth movie of the anime).
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: Mostly averted, as despite pretty much half the internet going crazy over this game, any rumours without at least some proof are quashed almost immediately. Though, there have been several instances of faked screenshots and CoroCoro pages being hidden among legitimate releases from CoroCoro and Pokémon Sunday by some of the people who leak them. The problem is getting worse every single time a new batch of info is released. Justified in that there are legions of fan websites ready to debunk these rumors as well as long-time fans that are probably Genre Savvy enough to know better. This hasn't stopped the occasional hastily added entries to this page, however.
  • What Could Have Been: Originally, Frillish and Jellicent were supposed to be just a pure Water-type species, but for the sake of type distribution, they were changed to a Water/Ghost type (a type that hasn't been seen prior to Generation V). This resulted in their creator (a new artist working at Game Freak) being disappointed with the scary aspects (such as causing ships that cross its habitat to be sunken and all of the passengers on board to end up missing) being added to what was supposed to just be some normal jellyfish based on princes and princesses.
    • Stunfisk was also supposed to be Electric/Water type. This was changed for the sake of type distribution.
    • Deino, Zweilous and Hydreigon were originally intended to be cybernetic dragons incorporating aspects of tanks within their bodies. The track-like markings on their bellies seem to be a remnant of this.
    • It was revealed in an interview that the Pokemon Professor was originally going to be a middle-aged man with a much older father.
    • Apparently, one of Alder's tentative designs resembled Jesus.
      • Similarly, an early design for Marshal wore a hood of some sort.

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