Trivia / Pluggers

  • Outlived Its Creator: As with Shoe, Brookins has kept this strip running for a decade after MacNelly's death.
  • Recycled Script: Many Pluggerisms get recycled over time because two different readers send in essentially the same line:
    • The premise of a "Plugger beeper" being a microwave timer was used three times between 2001 and 2003.
    • The Comics Curmudgeon pointed out that April 4, 2008 was essentially repeated only five months later.
    • Sometimes a strip is intentionally recycled, with the only difference being that the "Thanks to..." panel reads "A Classic thanks to..."
  • Running the Asylum: MacNelly originally wrote most of the strip himself, but after fans began submitting their own gags, it was changed so that all the scripts were user-submitted.