Trivia / PlayStation 2

  • Evolving Credits: Ever wondered what the white pillars/towers on the startup screen are? They represent each unique game you have played on that console; the memory card logs them on a file called "Your System Configuration," so if one were to delete that file, there will be zero blocks on the screen 'till the next game played. The more games you play, the more towers will appear. The longer you play the games, the higher the towers will become.
  • It's Been Done: Many people attribute motion gaming to the Wii. However, few remember the EyeToy, which enabled motion gaming by means of gestures in front of a camera years before the Wii or even the Kinect (which worked on a similar principle).
  • Killer App: Not that it really needed one seeing how literally every game from this generation not developed by Nintendo or Microsoft (or their second-party studios) was released on the console, but the extremely high anticipation of Metal Gear Solid 2 and the twofer of Gran Turismo 3 and Grand Theft Auto III really got the system going after a solid, but not earth-shattering first few months.
  • No Export for You: Europe never got the system's hard drive. Worse still, the EU version of the network adapter swapped out the standard PATA and molex connectors for a single proprietary connector that wasn't compatible with anything, so you couldn't use a third-party drive either.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: Even if it's over a decade old, the menus look pretty impressive, especially in comparison to the original PlayStation. The background audio is also very pleasant to listen to.