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Trivia: Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain
  • Executive Meddling: The only reason this Re Tool even exists. The theme song explicitly states, "It's what the network wants, why bother to complain?", as Pinky and the Brain get kicked out of the Warner Brothers studio lot. At the end of the song, Brain says "I deeply resent this."
  • Franchise Killer: Before the Re Tool, Pinky and the Brain was a mega hit shown on prime time. 5 episodes later, it got cancelled.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Ben Stein guest stars in one episode as "Rockin' Johnny Hot."
  • Old Shame: Maurice LaMarche (The Brain) was not very fond of the retool.
    • Rob Paulsen (Pinky) didn't care much for it either.
    • They're not the only ones; in case you haven't noticed, nearly everyone who worked on this thing hated with a passion. So much so that the theme song takes pot shots at the idea.
  • Writer Revolt: See... most of this page. You'll understand.

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