Trivia / Phish

  • Big Name Fan: Jon Fishman (and probably the band as a whole) is a fan of Cattle Decapitation and has been spotted attending their shows in Burlington. The band, as a whole, also performed with Cattle Decapitation in disguise as Garbage Dick, a "just for fun" one-off performance art project while Cattle was on tour.
  • Black Sheep Hit: "Heavy Things".
  • Fan Community Nicknames: Originally, fans were called "Glides" (which in turn inspired the title of the song "Glide"), and later "Phans" or "Phish Heads".
  • Follow the Leader: Subverted. They are influenced by The Grateful Dead, but they have other prominent influences as well. Phish's contemporaries, Widespread Panic and The Dave Matthews Band, were similarly slapped with the "New Dead" moniker, and all three bands saw a boost in popularity after Jerry Garcia died and the Grateful Dead split.
    • The same pattern happened again during Phish's 2000-2002 hiatus and 2004-2008 split, in which magazines ran articles on Phish-influenced artists like O.A.R., Umphrey's McGee and Jack Johnson in a contrived search to find "The Next Phish".
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Partially because of the uniqueness of each Phish concert, the band allows and actively encourages fans to tape the band's concerts, so long as the resultant recording is not sold for profit (non-monetary trades of recordings/copies of recordings is often the way that most tapes circulate).
  • Name's the Same: While Phish toured North America extensively, former Marillion singer Fish toured Europe extensively. Made yet more confusing by the fact that both artists appeal to the Progressive Rock fandom, although their styles are quite different.
  • No-Hit Wonder: Has a large, loyal fan following despite never hitting the mainstream charts.