* BillingDisplacement: Sean Marshal (Pete) gets an [[AndStarring And Introducing]] credit after the adult actors. Charlie Callas (voice of Elliot) is credited after him.
* CreatorKiller: Director Don Chaffey wasn't in Hollywood for much longer after this movie.
* FakeAmerican: Helen Reddy, an Australian, plays Nora.
* GenreKiller: Of Disney's live-action musicals. It would take ''thirty years'' for the genre to make a successful comeback with ''Film/{{Enchanted}}''. [[note]]Not counting ''Film/{{Newsies}}'', which did even worse, or CultClassic {{Made For TV Movie}}s, such as ''Film/HighSchoolMusical''.[[/note]]
* RetroactiveRecognition: The last film DonBluth did in his tenure at Disney. Elliott's movements and facial expressions are ''very'' obviously of Bluth design.
!!Other trivia
* This was the very first film released on VHS by Disney's home media outlet, Creator/WaltDisneyHomeVideo. They HAD done releases on the Discovision, but this was the first program they released on their own, on the VHS/Betamax magnetic tape formats plus Laserdisc format at some point, and has the smallest stock number of every home media release the company put out (Stock No. 10). The home video tapes for the first three-to-four years of the studio's home media division retained the "Neon Mickey" Walt Disney Home Entertainment logo from the Discovision releases, but that logo became Walt Disney Home Video and changed from Walt's signature to the corporate one around the 1984 management shift. It would be retired two years later.