Trivia: Peter Pan

the original story provides examples of:

  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!: "Second to the right", not, as in the Disney version, "Second star to the right". As a result of Disney's adaptation, most adaptations have Neverland be literally a star, when it was not in the original novel.
  • Continuity Nod: Captain Hook is revealed to have been at Eton College. This was hinted at in the original play note , and confirmed by J. M. Barrie, it in a speech he gave at Eton in 1927.

Disney's Peter Pan provides examples of:

The musical adaptation provides examples of:

  • Acting for Two: Mr. Darling and Captain Hook are played by the same actor, which, like Peter being played by a woman, is tradition. Wendy also plays her own daughter, Jane, when Peter returns years later. Interestingly, J.M. Barrie's original intent was to have the same actor/actress for Captain Hook and Mrs. Darling. Whether the actor would be male or female is unknown. The 2014 NBC adaption breaks tradition somewhat, so Mr. Darling and Smee were played by the same actor. This is most likely because Christopher Walken was cast as Hook, and would seem too old to father 12-year old Wendy and her even younger brothers.
  • Never Work with Children or Animals: Defied; the 2014 live broadcast is the first production to have a real dog as Nana.
  • Stupid Sexy Flanders: When Allison Williams was cast as the lead in the 2014 NBC live adaptation, she made a lot of fans realize they were pansexual.
  • The Triple: How Allison Williams told Jake Lucas and John Allyn, who were cast for the 2014 live TV production as John and Michael Darling respectively, that they got their parts.
    *Jake and John are called into a room, where they are greeted by Allison and several members of the production team*
    Allison: Hi, guys! I just had a couple of questions. Um, the first one is: does the idea of like, learning how to fly, does that sound fun to you guys?
    John: Yeah!
    Jake: Yeah!
    John: Oh, my God, fun!
    Allison: Does the idea of like, learning how to fly with me sound like fun?
    Boys: Yeah!
    Jake: Sounds good!
    Allison: Do you want to?
    Boys: Yeah!
    Allison: *softly* Good, 'cause you guys got it! *They embrace*
  • Vindicated by Cable: Many people have fond memories of this being aired on television almost annually. Averted as how the last airing was in 1990, and unless you've actually been in the stage play, it's not likely you'll find anyone in this generation that's either watched it or heard of it. Copies of it on VHS can be very pricey, even more so with DVD since it only received a limited release in that format. Keep Circulating the Tapes, indeed!

The 2003 film version provides examples of: