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Trivia: Persona 4
  • Talking to Himself:
    • Johnny Yong Bosch as the Protagonist/Yu Narukami and Tohru Adachi. More prevalent in The Animation and Ultimax, where Yu actually has dialogue as opposed to the Protagonist remaining silent outside of battle, where his only lines are his grunts and battle cries when summoning his Persona. These games feature a very different delivery for Adachi by Bosch, likely to keep the two characters' voices distinct during these scenes.
    • Matthew Mercer as Taro Namatame and Kanji Tatsumi, in the second half of The Animation. Subverted with Golden, as whilst Mercer voices any new lines for the two characters, he doesn't voice any of Kanji's dialogue in their scenes together.
    • Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as Naoto Shirogane and Noriko Kashiwagi in The Animation, where she serves as The Other Darrin to Naoto's original voice actress.
    • Technically, everyone who encounters their Shadow self.
  • The Dev Team Thinks of Everything:
    • There are enough variations of the Valentine's Day scene at school to accommodate the Protagonist dating all of the girls on the Investigation Team. And yes, that also includes all of them.
    • Events in Marie's Social Link will change depending on when the player does them. More members of the Investigation Team will show up depending on when the player does certain events, and a certain event that lampshades the Limited Wardrobe of rate characters will alter it's dialogue depending on if the characters are in their summer or winter wardrobes.
      • Similarly, every member of the Investigation Team has a scene in their Social Links where Nanako shows up, usually to cheer them up about something. These scenes will change slightly if you wait until after Nanako's kidnapping.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Rise's original design had her being a playable party member like the others and her being a chain weilding Ice Queen Deliquent. Since Kanji already filled this void, her original characteristic and design ended up going to Ai Eibihara. Speaking of Kanji, he was originally going to be a middle-aged man, and Naoto would've been straight-up male instead of a female cross-dresser. Both of these can be seen in their original concept art.
    • One of the biggest changes is who the murderer really was it would have been none other than Dojima, with Adachi serving as the Red Herring instead. It was changed after the ending was shown to a focus group and the feedback was that the twist of the Protagonist living with the killer all year was too dark for the type of game Persona 4 was.
    • Golden was originally planned to be a PSP title, which would've led to features needing to be cut. Thankfully the Vita came along.
  • Word of God:
    • In the second episode of the Persona Stalker Club, Atlus confirms that Yosuke enjoys listening to Western and Japanese music, including those from soundtrack albums.
    • The fifth episode, basically an Adachi special, confirms that although Adachi carries a lighter on his person for whenever Dojima needs it, Adachi himself doesn't smoke.
  • Word of Saint Paul: Troy Baker stated during a convention that after asking the English Voice Director for motivation, that he voiced Kanji as if he was indeed gay. Baker has gone on record that he does believe Kanji is gay.

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